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  Paper, labeled The Psycho, was a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity. He started on Team Epic and technically joined Team Chickenleg after rejoining. He didn't compete on Inanimate Insanity II but remains in Hotel OJ with his friends. He is voiced by Justin Chapman.


Paper is a sheet of lined notebook paper, with a single pink margin line and several blue lines.


Paper started out on Inanimate Insanity as an innocent, yet somewhat immature character. However, once he was eliminated and sent to Idiotic Island, Paper began to develop slight anger issues, as his passion to leave the island became his primary desire. Once he rejoined, he displayed that he had developed DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and gained an evil alternate personality, that was revealed later to be triggered by the words "Idiotic Island". Despite this, Paper has conquered his anger issues, and become an extremely kind, yet quite cautious, contestant. He is one of OJ's followers.


  • Episode 1/2

Paper's design is more rounded. His voice is also squeaky and more childish, as well as sounding slightly vocoded.

Paper's design is more edged, and his horizontal line is blue instead of black. Paper's voice is slightly deeper, but later appearances have his falsetto higher.


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  • Lightbulb refers to Fan as Paper throughout Season 2, due to the fact that he is made of paper.
  • Paper is the only contestant to rejoin appropriately.
    • Lightbulb and Suitcase also rejoined, but those occasions were due to miscounted votes and a random elimination.
  • Paper may be similar to Mike from Total Drama Revenge Of The Island, both having alternate personalities and defeating them in the end in similar ways.
    • Though the scene where Paper defeats Evil Paper came out two months after the episode where Mike defeats his personalities, AnimationEpic says that he had planned out the entire story of Evil Paper right after Paper was confirmed to rejoin (far before the episode of Total Drama was released).
  • Paper is the only male to join or rejoin in the middle of the game, as the other contestants to do so are all female. (Lightbulb, Apple, Bow, and Suitcase.)
  • Both of Paper's eliminations are caused by other contestants and not the voters.
  • He was the only contestant eliminated by eliminated contestants.
  • Paper is the only contestant to be on both Team Epic and Team Chickenleg.
  • Paper is the only contestant on Team Epic to not join Season 2.
  • Paper is the first and last contestant to be eliminated before the finale, making him similar to Flower from BFDI.
    • Also, neither of the two made it into Season 2 of their respective shows.
  • Paper has had a strange connection with pianos, as one crushed him in A Lemony Lesson, he was thrown one when he rejoined in Double Digit Desert, and has Evil Paper crushed by one in Inanimate Smackdown.
  • Paper is the highest-ranking contestant that was originally on Team Epic.
  • In Episode 14, Paper's original design used for the elimination icon, despite the fact that he then has an updated idle.
  • Paper is one of the two contestants who was eliminated through contestants elimination the two times they got eliminated, the other being Balloon.
  • Paper is one of the ten contestants not to be eliminated by the viewers. The others are Baseball, OJ, Taco, Balloon (twice), Dough, Suitcase, Nickel (twice), Paintbrush, and Fan.
  • Paper's story arc and personality have been a common criticism of the show by mentally ill viewers, them saying that his arc is inaccurate and demeans them as people.


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