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The Tile Divide

  Paper, labeled The Psycho, was a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity. He started on Team Epic and was the first eliminated, then rejoined the show as a member of Team Chickenleg in Double Digit Desert. He didn't compete on Inanimate Insanity II but remains in Hotel OJ with his friends. He is voiced by Justin Chapman.

Paper and Marshmallow in Moai.


Paper is a square sheet of loose-leaf paper with rounded edges. He has seven light blue horizontal lines across his body and one pink vertical line near his left side. Also along his left side are three holes.


At the beginning of the series, Paper was a friendly, innocent contestant. This is the most clearly seen when he hangs out with Knife and watches Desperate Housewives instead of doing the challenge in A Lemony Lesson. However, his trusting nature and physical weakness made him an easy target, so he was eliminated first.

Despite being the first out, it was clear that his stay on Idiotic Island affected his mental health greatly. In addition to exacerbating his anger issues, he developed a split personality. His alter, Evil Paper, committed acts of violence, such as when he killed OJ in Aquatic Conflict. Later, with OJ's help, Paper figured out that he was triggered by the words "Idiotic Island," and strove to fix his mental health problem. Although Paper expressed remorse for many of Evil Paper's actions, he was still shown to be rather self-centered. The most notable instance of his was when he drank a juice-box instead of giving it to a sick OJ in. However, it seems that he did this due to obliviousness, not malice. When he realized his mistake, he apologized and pledged his allegiance to OJ, and helped him win the challenge in The Tile Divide.

Although he is not much of a leader, Paper seems to be both responsible and good at expressing himself. He is responsible enough to stand in for OJ in the first issue of Inanimate Comics, and is well-spoken enough to represent OJ as his attorney in Everything's A-OJ.


  • Episode 1/2

Paper's design is more rounded. His voice is also squeaky and more childish, as well as sounding slightly vocoded.

Paper's design is more edged, and his horizontal line is blue instead of black. Paper's voice is slightly deeper, but later appearances have his falsetto higher.


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Click here to view the coverage of Paper.

Voice Actors

Total Votes

Episode Votes
2 3 votes (Eliminated)
10 97 votes (rejoins)
11 60 - 68 votes (presumably)
12 Immune
14 25 votes
15 211 votes
16 184 votes; 5 votes (Eliminated)
Total 585-593 votes


  • Paper is one of the eleven contestants not to be eliminated by the viewers. The others are Baseball, OJ, Taco, Balloon (twice), Dough, Suitcase, Nickel (twice), Paintbrush, Fan, and Test Tube.
  • Paper is the only contestant to be on both teams in Inanimate Insanity.
    • Paper is the highest-ranking contestant to originally come from Team Epic.
  • Paper is the only contestant on Team Epic to not join Inanimate Insanity II.
  • Paper was the only contestant to rejoin due to MePhone4 wanting a rejoin.
    • Though Lightbulb and Suitcase also rejoined, these occasions were due to miscounted votes and a random elimination by OJ, respectively.
    • Paper is also the only male to join or rejoin in the middle of the game. The other rejoiners, Lightbulb, Apple, Bow, and Suitcase, are all female.
  • Both of Paper's eliminations were caused by other contestants, not the voters. This is something he has in common with Balloon.
  • Paper has been noted for his similarities to Mike from Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island, because both have alternate personalities that are defeated in similar ways.
    • Paper's arc was planned when he was confirmed to rejoin, which was several months before Total Drama: Revenge of the Island began airing. Paper confronted Evil Paper in an episode that was released several months before Mike confronted his own alternate personalities.
  • Paper is the first and last contestant to be eliminated before the finale, making him similar to Flower from BFDI.
    • Also, neither of the two made it into Season 2 of their respective shows.
  • In Episode 14, Paper's original design used for the elimination icon, despite the fact that he had an updated idle by then.
  • Paper has a connection with pianos, as one crushed him in A Lemony Lesson, he was thrown one when he rejoined in Double Digit Desert, and has Evil Paper crushed by one in Inanimate Smackdown.
  • According to The Penultimate Poll, Paper is afraid of dolphins, which he says give him nightmares. This is likely because Knife threw a dolphin at him during the tiebreaker challenge of A Lemony Lesson.


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