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But we are BCFFs! We have to be together!

The Crappy Cliff

Pepper, labeled The Wannabe, was a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity who was a member of Team Chickenleg, and is a supporting character on Inanimate Insanity II. Along with Salt, she hosts Inanimate Insanity Infinity in an alternate timeline. She is currently voiced by Alexa Chapman.


Pepper is a grey shaker. Like Salt, the holes on her cap form a star shape.


Pepper is a lot like her best friend, Salt, in that they're both vapid and unintelligent people. They have similar manners of speaking and are generally happy just to be together, whether they're lounging around or causing trouble for others. They are both egocentric, stubborn people, but they ultimately adore one another, as shown when the fawn over each other at the end of The Paper Cut.

Pepper prioritizes Salt above all else, and tries to be as similar to her as possible by following her lead. She is at times possessive towards her closest friend, as shown when she tells Salt she can't find love with someone who isn't her in The Penultimate Poll. This dysfunction goes both ways, as Salt often fails to consider how her closest friend feels in her own pursuit of happiness - like when she replaced Pepper with OJ after Pepper's elimination.

This is just one expression of the fact that Pepper and Salt have less in common than one might think. Pepper is more pronouncedly vindictive than Salt. She is openly spiteful towards OJ, threatening to spill him and being happy at his misfortunes. In addition, Pepper was more interested in the game than Salt, as she often asked about challenges (though she followed Salt's lead, even in cases where Salt didn't care about the challenge).

In the Infinity timeline (and other timelines), Pepper differs from her ordinary self. In Alternate Reality Show, she is power-hungry; however, the dysfunction in their relationship has grown more toxic, and has world-changing consequences. In the Cinnamonfinity timeline featured in Fan's Fantastic Features, she is in a similar position of power.


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Click here to view the coverage of Pepper.

Total Votes

Episode Votes
7 102 votes (Eliminated)
Total 102 votes


  • Running Gag: She and Salt say "Like" multiple times every episode.
    • This makes them similar to Match from BFDI.
  • If Lightbulb is not counted for Nickel's misspelled votes, Pepper would be the first female contestant eliminated.
  • Salt and Pepper are both spin-offs of Katie and Sadie from the Total Drama Series.
    • Pepper can be mostly related to Katie, as she was the first of the two to be eliminated.
  • Pepper was originally going to be killed in the season finale, but the idea was scrapped for unknown reasons. In the end, MePhone5, MePhone4, and Bow were killed.
  • Pepper calling Salt as "Salty-Salt" may be based on Match from BFDI calling Pencil "Pence-Pence."
  • Pepper is the lowest ranking contestant to not compete in Season 2.
    • She is also the lowest ranking female contestant in Season 1.
  • Pepper has had five different voice actors over the course of the series; the most of any contestant.
  • Of all the contestants in the show, Pepper has currently gone the longest without competing.
  • In "Alternate Reality Show", she and Salt have kabourophobia when Paintbrush went into rejection portal alongside with Baxter.
  • Instead of Bow, Pepper was originally going to die in the finale of Season 1. but this idea was scrapped.
    • However, if it was never scrapped, then Bow would have joined Season 2.
  • Pepper had the least votes in the Favorite Contestant Voting.


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