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Knife, about to throw the piano

A non-living large and brown piano was the cause of the first elimination of Inanimate Insanity - Paper. Knife and Paper each received the most votes at 3, and were tied, and a tiebreaker challenge was held to decide who would be eliminated in which both Paper and Knife were on a large platform suspended over a lake (the way they got on there is unknown) and whoever fell off the platform and into the lake below would be the first person on Inanimate Insanity to be eliminated. Knife asks Paper if he actually thinks that he can beat him up and pushes him off the platform immediately. However, Paper quickly grabs the pole just before he hits the water, which made Knife angry, and he started to drop objects on Paper. These included a bowling ball, an apple, Taco, and a dolphin. Still, Paper remained clinging on to the pole. Finally, Knife dropped a very large piano on him, which was the final blow that caused Paper to be the first eliminated contestant of Inanimate Insanity.

Paper has since developed anger issues at Idiotic Island after being there for so long, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that he now hates pianos. As it turns out this assumption has proven to be true since when MePhone4 announced in Double Digit Desert as a reward for his rejoining that he gets a piano, as opposed to the cookie he was promised, Paper reacts very angrily. He warns MePhone not to give him the piano, but MePhone throws a black piano at him anyway.

Paper has many issues after being released from Idiotic Island, resulting in brief periods of pure evil when something reminds him of the awful prison. This conflict reaches its climax in Inanimate Smackdown, when Paper meets an evil embodiment of himself inside his head that demands the key that unlocks his mind. Paper instead says he'll give him 88 keys, and at last uses pianos to his advantage, having one fall, thus crushing Evil Paper and for Paper himself to awaken from his nightmare.

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