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Sure I'm pink, but I'm so manly enough to win this.

—Poptart (A New Stage In The Game)


Poptart is a recommended character who appeared in "A New Stage In The Game".


Poptart thinks he's tough, but inside he is just a big softy. He tries to intimidate others by trying to be the bigger scarier person, actually being a nice person.


Poptart is a tan rectangular character. He has pink frosting smeared on the center of his front side surrounding his face. Red, blue, yellow, and green sprinkles are scattered across the frosting.


Poptart made his first appearance in "A New Stage In The Game", given the chance to join. However, in "War De Guacamole", he fails to join as he loses the paintball contest.


  • In his icon on “A New Stage In The Game”, he's shown to have arms, even though he doesn't actually have arms.
    • He was the first recommended character to be "eliminated" saying "Hey! That's not fair!"
    • Because of this, he came in last place during the paintball contest in “War De Guacamole”.