Puffball Speaker Box was the temporary host of Battle For Dream Island Again who made a cameo as a guest star in "Cooking for the Grater Good". She has not been seen since then.


Puffball Speaker Box is a pink electronic speaker box, with a metal speaker in the top middle. She is multicolored while speaking. She has a very puffy look.


Puffball Speaker Box first appears in the episode "Cooking for the Grater Good", alongside Gamey, and Window. The three of them were pizza judges.

In the episode, she is very hungry and eagerly demands the pizzas when she first appears. So much, that she ate the pizzas without thinking twice.

When judging the Grand Slams' pizza, while everyone shows their disgust upon how the pizza is terrible, have flowers on it, Puffball Speaker Box is the opposite of them, eating the whole slice of pizza without second thoughts, saying "it's not too bad". When giving the scores, the other judges give the pizza below 5 points, but she gives it a full 10 because she thinks that "flowers are beautiful".

Judging the Bright Lights' "pizza", she approves that Lightbulb is a pizzamaker after she takes a compliment joke from Lightbulb and eating the whole slice of chocolate pizza, giving it a game-breaking 19 points for it. When Baseball complaints how the Bright Lights' final score, 49, isn't fair, she says that it doesn't matter and the Bright Lights' pizza is so amazing, she wants to eat it again. She proceeds to spit the pizza out of her "mouth" and eat it again. Baseball questions her species after that.

After being poured with water by Cheesy, she escapes with the other judges, but not before insultingly saying "Nobody likes Inanimate Insanity Anyway!", and then floats away.


  • Puffball Speaker Box is the only one out of the three pizza judges not to reappear as a cameo in "Theft and Battery".
  • Interestingly, despite Speaker Boxes don't have a mouth, their (based on Puffball Speaker Box) style of eating is putting the rations under the speaker and then just simply swallow it.
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