The Rejection Portal is the transportation mode used when a contestant is eliminated in Inanimate Insanity II. It serves the same function as Fist Thingy, effectively replacing it for the second season.

It was first introduced in "Marsh on Mars" and has since been the primary mode of transportation for elimination contestants to Hotel OJ.


The Rejection Portal is a vertical, circular vortex, although it can be mistaken to be elliptical as it is usually looked at side-on. It has yellow and pink on the inside and will fade away if an object enters it.


The origins of the Rejection Portal are unclear, as it simply shows up in "Marsh on Mars" as the new elimination transporter. During MePhone4's trial in "Everything's A-OJ", Judge Gavel describes the origin of the portal as "a freaky portal that the defense claims just randomly opened one day", which elicits MePhone4 to simply shrug.

The location it leads to was also unclear until "Everything's A-OJ", where it was shown to lead to a utility closet in Hotel OJ. Near the end of said episode, it was fixed to be transported to the lobby of Hotel OJ, where the contestants would then be sorted into respective rooms by OJ.

Current Eliminated Contestants



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Contestant Contestant Name # of Votes Place Episode Eliminated
Tissues2018Icon 700 EPM 20th Marsh on Mars
Cherries2018Icon 974 EPM 19th Tri Your Best
Trophy2018Icon 1945 EPM 18th Cooking for the Grater Good
Box2018Icon 1442 EPM 17th A Kick in the Right Direction
YinYang2018Icon 1859 EPM 15th Let 'Er R.I.P.
Apple2018Icon 2045 EPM 14th Everything's A-OJ
Cheesy2018Icon 2605 EPM 13th Theft and Battery
Soap2018Icon 2663* EPM 12th Rain On Your Charade
Balloon2018Icon 5 EPM
(Contestant vote)
11th Kick the Bucket
Nickel2018Icon 1 EPM
(Contestant vote, double elimination)
10th Kick the Bucket
Paintbrush2018Icon 3
(Contestant vote)
8th Alternate Reality Show
Fan2018Icon 0
(**Didn't complete the challenge)
7th Mine Your Own Business

* = Current Record.

    • =Lowest Record

EPM = Eliminated Pre-Merge



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