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"It's A Ball" Commercial

Not to be confused with Rubber Ball, a recommended character.

A rubber ball is an item of a high value on Inanimate Insanity. It brings "simple joy" to people "all day and all night", as the song says. The ball appears as simply a pink circle. They first appeared during a commercial from "War De Guacamole", in which the commercial voice-over person asked if the viewers were bored, and then introduced them to the rubber ball. A song then plays, sung by the same voice-over guy over a pink rubber ball over a spinning yellow background with white stripes. The rubber ball also moves around along with the song. Then, the commercial cuts to a zoom on the rubber ball on a grassy area while the song continues under the voice-over that informs viewers that it's not just a normal rubber ball, it's a stupid rubber ball. So, people should buy it now. It is stated to only cost $9,000, but the voice-over assures you that it is worth it and to trust him.

Later in the end of the same episode, Nickel is shown being upset to be in Idiotic Island, but glad to at least have his rubber ball. He then picks it up and starts bouncing it to the tune of the song "It's A Ball", and the full, uninterrupted version of the song continues to play as the scene cross-dissolves into the credits.

The rubber ball that Nickel has is seen once again in the Happy New Year! From Inanimate Insanity picture next to Nickel in The Snowdown.

Nickel is seen bouncing the rubber ball in the same scene from Idiotic Island within Paper's flashback in Aquatic Conflict, each bounce matching his heartbeat.

When defending Knife in Cooking for the Grater Good, Baseball mentions Nickel bounced a rubber ball as a hobby while being trapped on Idiotic Island.