Dude... That's, really messed up.

—Rusty Jo, Everything's A-OJ

        Rusty Jo is a minor character that appeared in "Everything's A-OJ" as one of the named criminals (including Pizza Cutter) in prison.


Rusty Jo appears to be based upon a metal jail cup, commonly used in prisons for criminals to drink out of. Rusty Jo notably has numerous scratches, a tooth gap, and blemishes on his body, suggesting he was involved in a violent and iniquitous crime, or a fight while in prison.


In "Everything's A-OJ", Rusty Jo introduces himself to MePhone4, and questions why he is in jail. MePhone4 explains to Rusty Jo and the others that he locked some people in a room for several months, taking everyone by utter surprise. Rusty Jo is shocked, shaming MePhone4 for his excuse of a using reality show, and gives him words of encouragement to change his ways for the better, given he is somehow only in jail for one day. MePhone4, however, brushes this off, though notably taking concern.


  • Rusty Jo is the only character voiced by Adam Dormi.
  • Rusty Jo is the only character seen with a tooth gap.
  • However, Paintbrush was seen with a tooth gap in A Kick in the Right Direction when Baseball knocked them over.
  • Rusty Jo is the first Inanimate Insanity object to have a name not based on what he is, but rather a more human-like name.


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