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This article focuses on the interactions between Salt and Bomb.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

In The Stacker, as part of Salt's "bad luck", her and Pepper get hit by a bomb, that may or may not be the character Bomb, but either way would make Salt not liking bombs at all in general.

In 4Seeing The Future, Bomb asks Salt why she isn't trying, and Salt, still unhappy about Pepper's elimination, demands to be left alone, and slaps him. This causes Bomb to explode, and Salt flies to the other side of the quicksand and gets the final immunity spot.

In The Snowdown, Bomb wants to get the tree with OJ, but Salt, feeling lonely and longing for OJ, yells at him "No!" and that she would be getting the tree with OJ. OJ convinces them to all just go together. Salt later pulls out mistletoe, with obvious plans to kiss OJ, when Bomb interrupts and says that they should get back now. Salt is very annoyed at Bomb for messing up her plans with OJ.

In Inanimate Smackdown, Salt and all the other eliminated contestants scream as Bomb explodes upon impact in Idiotic Island.