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"I think I finished... about half."

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Wait guys! I love your crab!

—Shell, "Alternate Reality Show"

Shell is a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity Infinity in an alternate universe and made his debut in "Alternate Reality Show". He is voiced by Finnley Gregoire.


Shell is a generally positive and child-like character who enjoys fooling around and partaking in nonsense. He is also a bit dim, as he did not seem to understand that Test Tube was insulting him, but instead, he took it as a compliment.

As a competitor on Inanimate Insanity Infinity, Shell seems aware of how absurd and nonsensical his castmates are, implying that it's the only way to get attention in a show focused on Salt and Pepper. He also enjoys partaking in aquatic activities like snorkeling with Lightbulb.


Shell is a white scallop seashell masked with dark reddish-purple bands. His eyes are squinted tightly.


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  • Shell is the only character so far who has eyes that are differently shaped from anyone else. (being squinted)