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Silver Spoon, labeled The Regal, is a male contestant in Inanimate Insanity Invitational. He is placed on the The Thinkers. He is voiced by Justin Chapman.


Silver Spoon resembles a fancy, silver spoon with a greyish-white shade. He stands tall with his arms placed in the middle of his body, with a rhombus-shaped part of the spoon where his legs are placed.


Silver Spoon is a refined and posh individual. He is often seen acting haughty and snobbish to others. Silver Spoon seems to have a dislike in doing challenges, remarking the unpleasantry of jumping off of the 60-foot cliff in "Stranded in Paradise". Despite refusing to participate, Silver Spoon seemingly enjoyed the experience, suggesting that his upscale personality could be somewhat of a facade.

In Snapshot Showdown after seeing an embarrassing picture of himself, he became less paranoid of how he looks to other contestants, as well as being less concerned about possible becoming mocked.

Official Site Bio

Be sure to bow your head when His Highness walks by, Silver Spoon is rich royalty!  … Just kidding! Silver Spoon is neither rich nor royal, but that won’t stop him from acting like a pompous prince! Though he’s not very into “competition” or, well, “work” in general… Silver Spoon knows the only way his regality will be taken seriously is if he gets his very big head into the game.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2021



  • Silver Spoon is a reference to the expression "silver spoon", which means inherited wealth.
  • Silver Spoon may be tied with Paintbrush for being the tallest contestant.


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