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Spoiled Lemon is a band which appears in "Mazed and Confused". The band consists of Starfruit (lead vocalist), Pineapple (guitar), Lemon (bass), Tomato (piano), Guava (triangle) and Mangosteen (drums). At one point, Starfruit had left the band, but reunited with them for the concert after Lightbulb apparently helped him find the music in himself.

Depiction in series

Spoiled Lemon is a famous band in the Inanimate Insanity universe, known well for their hit song "A Party". In "Rain On Your Charade", after MePhone4 gives out tickets to Spoiled Lemon as the prize for elimination. Microphone notes how difficult it is to obtain the tickets, but Nickel shrugs it off, claiming he'll just scalp the tickets online. Later, Knife remarks how Spoiled Lemon apparently went downhill after their lead singer, Starfruit, left the band, which Microphone commented on it, saying that "he was an attention hog anyway".

While some characters, like Fan, praise the band enormously for their music, other characters do not enjoy them, notably Marshmallow, Balloon and Nickel. In "Mazed and Confused", Balloon takes out his Spoiled Lemon ticket while he is complaining to Microphone about how awful Inanimate Insanity is, using the ticket as a prime example. Fan overhears the mention of Spoiled Lemon, begins praising their music for their supposed "deep analytical beauty", and sings a bit of "A Party". Microphone eventually rejects the messages of Fan's praise.

Later, Fan begins watching a clip of Pineapple dreadfully singing "A Party", presumably after Starfruit left. Marshmallow criticizes Fan for buying tickets online from a scalper in order to see Spoiled Lemon, but Fan claims they just sound bad on the phone. It is revealed that the scalper Fan bought the tickets from was Nickel, who buys himself a new outfit with the money (or bought before to disguise himself to not be recognized) and remarks how people will buy expensive tickets for Spoiled Lemon, despite their awful music. Once the concert starts, a spotlight shines and reveals Starfruit standing with the rest of his band, finally reunited. Starfruit apologizes to his fans but notes that he had someone, later revealed as Lightbulb, help him find the music within himself. The band then begins to sing "A Party", now with Starfruit on vocals.


  • The official names of Lemon, Tomato, Guava and Mangosteen were revealed in a photo of Spoiled Lemon's concept art on Taylor Grodin's Twitter.
    • It's also revealed that Guava and Mangosteen's positions of triangle and drums were switched.
  • Lemon and Guava may have possibly been mentioned in Season 1, when Bow accidentally refers Apple as "Lemon" and "Guava". However, this could possibly be a coincidence.