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MePhone4 and one group
"Stranded in Paradise"
Season 3, Episode 1
Challenge Jump off a cliff into a pipe and cross the finish line
Winner(s) Yellow Team
Pink Team
Eliminated Blueberry
Original airdate April 3, 2021
Episode chronology
"Hatching the Plan (chronological)"
"The Shame of the Name"

"Stranded in Paradise" is the very first episode of Inanimate Insanity Invitational and was released on April 3rd, 2021. It is the 33rd episode overall.


A fan-selected group of Inanimate Insanity contestants has been invited to a vacation resort for a Spoiled Lemon VIP tour! ...or so they thought. It turns out MePhone has secretly planned a third reality show competition on a brand-new tropical island! Yeah, they really should have known better. So get ready for some classic II fun and games. Which old and new contestants will join the competition? Can OJ take a break from the hotel? Isn't MePhone still not done with the other season? And has Balloon finally gotten some support from a surprising source? At least one of these questions will be answered in the premiere of Inanimate Insanity Invitational!



The episode starts with Paintbrush and other objects on Boaty. Paintbrush is lying on a Manstay and was about to say "Here comes paradise" but was interrupted by a bump coming from the boat. The camera zooms to Yin-Yang fishing for a ticket and Test Tube observing, asking what they were fishing for, and Yang yells at Test Tube to leave as they weren't "fishing for friends". Yin then says they were fishing for their ticket. Test Tube questions why the ticket would be in the water, to which Yang says he threw it in there, leading to Test Tube blankly acknowledging. Paintbrush approaches them and passive-aggressively tells both of them to be quiet for two seconds. Something pulled on Yin-Yang's rod, which they reel, splashing Paintbrush (which leaves a clam stuck in their bristles) and revealing Box stuck on the the hook.

As Paintbrush shows an annoyed expression towards Test Tube and Yin-Yang's demeanor, Nickel comes in, telling them that they're almost there, to which Paintbrush answers they're hoping to catch a break while they take the clam off of their bristles. They talk about how they aren't the biggest fans of Spoiled Lemon's hits but can't wait to see them live at the resort. Fan appears abruptly, low-key interrupting Paintbrush as he sings a portion of A Party, then continues the conversation saying that song is still his personal favorite even if it didn't win the Groscers. Posteriorly, he compliments Nickel for the VIP tickets, to which Nickel clarifies he didn't get them after calling out 'scalpers raising the prices' in a slightly nervous and act-y way. Fan takes back his compliment, saying he thought one of them knew the band. Test Tube replies she doesn't, and Yang excitedly says yes, only to take it back immediately and say he isn't nice.

Test Tube later calls Balloon, Nickel later disapproving of the idea as he doesn't trust him. Balloon is seen talking his feelings out to a mini-wich, wishing he could keep it together at all times like said mini-wich he was holding and eats whole right after his monologue, then saying its sacrifice was a learning tool. The camera cuts to OJ, nervously thinking about who will be in charge of his hotel since he isn't there. Balloon interrupts OJ, unintentionally scaring him, to which OJ replies he wasn't very comfortable with the idea of a vacation (even the word itself sounded wrong to the point he wasn't comfortable saying it). Balloon then questions why did he invite the people on the boat to a paid trip, to which OJ replies he would've invited a different group of people if he organized it. This annoys Balloon, said annoyance makes OJ nervously trying to take it back in exchange for a different statement; immediately doing so the moment a loud bang from the boat is heard.

Paintbrush assumes the loud bang came from Test Tube and Yin-Yang's doing; Yang asks to be given more credit as he is "quite gentle", to which Yin says "Oh, spare us". As Test Tube thinks she found out what was going on, the camera pans to Boaty's steering wheel, uncontrollably turning around. Paintbrush sees the boat apparently being alive and demanding it to show a face, telling them they're going to a resort and improvising the name "Boaty" while trying to refer to the boat. Right after Nickel questions the name choice, the boat speeds up drastically, to which Test Tube says there's no solution to the situation with an "equation divided by zero" metaphor (right away correcting herself in a cutaway saying there'd actually be an infinite number of solutions in the hypothetical situation described by the metaphor). Multiple shots one after the other are shown of the characters panicking, lastly cutting to Fan talking to the audience in a Find Out Next Time manner, leading to the rest of the characters glaring at him and him replying "Sorry, this help me in traumatic times". Afterwards, they all get back to panicking and the boat crashes as the screen cuts to black.

The camera cuts to the sky, tilting down to reveal the characters lying down in an island and groaning in pain. Fan coughs and finishes his narrator monologue before lying back down in relief. Test Tube cheers and applauds before showing an injured right arm and showing pain. Paintbrush states their appreciation for the devotion to the craft, then yells that everyone's stranded. Nickel replies in a sad manner that not only are they stranded but they're also stranded with Balloon, then appears to comfort Box, much to Balloon's annoyance. This starts a loud argument between the castaways, which OJ interrupts, requesting to pause the drama for at least 2 seconds. After said 2 seconds, MePhone4 appears, much to the surprise of everyone excluding Fan. He revealed to have doctored the tickets for the boat passengers, picking them as they were the most voted characters in the Favorite Character Voting Poll. The contestants have mostly very positive reactions about being favorites; especially Balloon (to which Nickel reacts by sardonically assuming MePhone4 doctored more than just the tickets), and Paintbrush, who talks about their thanks to an unspecified academy for the million and the Groscers (in that order) in the Calm-Down Cabana, before saying with a serious attitude "By the way, where am I?!". OJ, however, does not approve of the idea, as he doesn't trust his hotel being out of his management, and plans to leave the island before realizing the boat isn't functioning anymore; that alongside MePhone4 mockingly wishing him luck on his way back home while poking fun at his swimming skills. As he sees there's no way back, OJ screams a long "NOOO-" which later gets cut to OJ in the Calm-Down Cabana accepting the situation he's in, in a rather grumpy way.

Fan points out how MePhone4 isn't even done with the other season, which MePhone4 doesn't mind since "multitasking is kind of his strong suit". Test Tube happily points out her odds of winning (1/8) before Boaty explodes, as Bow (inexplicably alive) flies out of it and lands on the island, much to the shock of Balloon, OJ and MePhone4; she states the odds as 1/7, and Test Tube corrects her by saying they'd actually be 1/9, not without the surprise of Bow being alive. MePhone4, terrified and confused about what he saw, states that he sent her the invitation as a joke and asks her how is she alive, to which she replies "I dunno".

MePhone4 shows a dissatisfaction with the low amount of contestants present (9) as if the show was being taken as a limited miniseries, later introducing the newbies through a curtain reveal, which turns out wrong as the curtains didn't pull any further from showing Clover and fell down when MePhone4 tried to keep pulling them (Silver Spoon later complained about the disastrous introduction and suggested a reshoot), abruptly revealing the rest of the newbies. After Silver Spoon's complaint, Blueberry stated how "it's over" and no amount of reshoots could be of use, to which Goo tried to cheer him up with an awkwardly constructed analogy about a melted ice cream cone getting in the pants and the pant store being closed; this only makes Blueberry sadder. Goo keeps himself optimistic and talks about how at least an awkward introduction is a memorable one in the Calm-Down Cabana.

MePhone4 is about to announce the teams, to which Cabby guessing (in a properly educated way) that he randomized teams in the most recent season premiere according to her files and the fact that MePhone4 is seasoned to repetition, leading Test Tube to compliment her with a feeling of interest. MePhone4 clears his throat as in garnering everyone's attention and, with the press of a remote button, detonates the paint bombs he apparently strapped on the contestants' backs while they weren't looking, calling it "Cabby's idea". Blueberry mourns over being painted in blue (he considers it "the color of defeat") and sarcastically thanks Cabby; Tea Kettle complains about her being an antique that can't be covered in paint; and Lifering tries to ensure everyone's okay and mention his ability to do CPR if necessary. This makes Cabby talk in the Calm-Down Cabana about how she should've referred to her MePhone4 file before making her claim, proceeding to mention the first item on the profile she made of him; "he kind of sucks".

It cuts to MePhone4 mentioning the paint bombs he previously strapped to the contestant's backs and getting them to assemble in teams according to the color they're painted in. Fan and Bow joyfully cheered their team color. However, Clover's paint bomb didn't seem to go off, even after MePhone4 pressing the detonating remote button twice more. But since Clover's paint bomb was pink, she went to the Pink Team, greeted by the team's members. Candle senses something wrong, which is also noted by OJ; they were apparently down a member. But said missing member is revealed to be The Floor, whose face was being stepped over by OJ, who shudders as he backs off. The Floor's presence makes Paintbrush annoyedly point out a lack of logical sense (that apparently the floor can have a face), only to be interrupted by MePhone4 announcing the teams being assembled and the first challenge being about to start, not without commencing the show's intro.


MePhone4 names the challenge and mentions its rules (falling off a 60-foot cliff into a pipe that'll lead the contestant to a finish line; if the contestant falls down the quicksand they'll sink and re-emerge at the top; last team to get all their members to the finish line loses). This leads to Lifering trying to ensure his team went through the required diving courses. Tea Kettle later complains to the camera in the Calm-Down Cabana that she doesn't approve of being thrown 60 feet into her probable death, but at least shows reassurance by having Lifering as a teammate.

OJ informs to his team about the need of a gameplan, while doing a twirl. Paintbrush agrees, not without complimenting OJ's twirl, and does another twirl themself. This leads to a conversation between OJ and Paintbrush about style points for the dives and the possibility of practicing a routine before being interrupted by an impatient Yang who kicks them down the cliff and straight in the pipe, not without jumping himself alongside Yin. After the three members make it through the finish line, stated by MePhone4, it cuts to Yin-Yang in the Calm-Down Cabana, with Yang stating he doesn't appreciate indecision, which leads to Yin glaring at Yang.

Lifering is then shown teaching his teammates how to dive properly, only to fail and land in the quicksand, not being able to sink at all since not sinking is literally his purpose. Clover admires the diving form and tries it out, only to be lucky enough to land inside the pipe and get through the finish line. Once Lifering calls his teammates to weigh him down, Balloon is the first to attend the call and throw himself off the cliff, only to very slowly float down due to his physics, which is followed by him saying his catchphrase ("Oh, come on") but in a more quiet and grumpy tone. Nickel, first showing a feel of tedium towards the idea of doing it alongside a remark said with an annoyed expression ("Oh, the things I do for money"), runs towards the cliff and calls Balloon to catch him, being caught by his grasp once he jumps off. Tea Kettle jumps along, grabbing Nickel by the foot.

The camera cuts to Test Tube measuring Cabby's dimensions with measuring tape. Cabby says she can tell Test Tube her internal dimensions if that's the information she's trying to get, which Test Tube disapproves of by saying it's no fun being told the information. Cabby replies victory isn't always fun, and gets interrupted while trying to say the result of 28x8 by Fan, who asks her if the team can get inside her so she can ride them down the cliff and through the pipe (by asking if they can "take the cab"). Cabby approves of the idea and lets her team inside her. Once inside, Bow seems confused as to where she is, mentioning it's not Narnia.

Silver Spoon appears disapproving of the idea of throwing himself off the cliff. Candle tells him he's destined to a leap of faith and grabs his hand before throwing herself alongside him off the cliff, into the pipe and through the finish line. The Floor, noticing he's the last one left, transfers himself all the way to the finish line, ensuring his team's safety. Silver Spoon almost points out his satisfaction with what just happened, but he later interrupts himself and instead lies about what happened being preposterous.

Lifering, Nickel, Balloon and Tea Kettle appear on the bottom of the cliff, trying to weigh Lifering down while Nickel and Tea Kettle glare at him while Balloon stares at the nothingness in boredom. Lifering states he's industry grade, and Nickel angrily follows up with that phrase calling him a "Grade A Doofus". Nickel then calls Blueberry to get more weight, but Blueberry doesn't even move, instead pessimistically saying it's no use and they were destined to lose. Lifering tries to reassure him by saying he's a fighter deep down and if he channels that into passion then there's nothing he can't do; not having any effect on Blueberry who answers with another remark of hopelessness. Cabby rolls by, jumping off the cliff and landing in the pipe, letting her teammates out of her body once crossed the finish line, ensuring a win for her team. This leads the blue team to lose and Tea Kettle to be mad at Lifering for sinking them down, with Balloon saying that at least he was there sinking along while the camera shows Blueberry still sitting. Then it cuts to Bow complaining about the "cab ride" in the Calm-Down Cabana for being bumpy and not having one of those little TVs, giving it 0 stars initially, then reconsiders her score to a 1 star given her team won.

After the challenge

After the challenge, Balloon tries to talk to Nickel, only to be interrupted by the latter stating the need of Balloon "inauthentically approaching him" and that what happened that day meant nothing. Balloon says it did, since Nickel put the team first, and that's what matters according to him, and that he wants him to continue with that and keep it together; which Nickel still acts skeptical towards before talking to Box about who to vote out. Nickel then appears at the Calm-Down Cabana, stating he's "bunking with the devil tonight", mentioning afterwards that at least he gets to keep his enemies closer and that Box is actually quite convincing.

The ceremony of the first person voted out then begins, with MePhone4 introducing it as "a distinction nobody wants, but they've all debatably earned" while mentioning Nickel and Balloon's constant bickering (to which Balloon says "that was pretty one-sided") and Lifering's inability to sink throwing the challenge for his team (to which Lifering admits his diving form failed, followed by Tea Kettle saying he wasn't talking about that) but that at least he even attempted, unlike Blueberry whom he looks and points at, to which Blueberry makes yet another remark about his life being meaningless, relating it to Box. MePhone4 then states the most-voted contestant will be knocked out of the competition and counts the votes, announcing Blueberry's the one facing elimination. Lifering responds to this in relief, thanking his teammates as "the real lifesavers right here".

MePhone4 then gives Blueberry the right for some last words, said last words of his being "What's the use? Nothing I say matters, nothing matters". MePhone4 answers him saying he couldn't've said it better before knocking him away to Indefinite Island and closing off the episode. The last scene has Blueberry landing on Indefinite Island, thankful to be alone and left be not long before meeting a walkie-talkie tied to a stick. The person talking behind the walkie-talkie welcomes him to Indefinite Island and telling him to be ready to stay if he wants another chance; immediately followed up by a disclaimer of no guarantees being made in the recording. Blueberry shows satisfaction with the place he's in, ending the episode.

Still in the running

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Blue Team

Yellow Team

Pink Team





As announced[1] on Adam Katz's Twitter shortly before the episode's premiere, the end of the episode included a sneak peek of "Chapter Complete" (known as BFB 30 at the time), which is the finale to Battle for BFB.


  1. Boaty spontaneously combusted.


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Production Notes


Cultural References


  • This episode released on April 3rd, 2021, fittingly as the start of the third season.
    • The first episode of the first season released on April 1st, 2011, while the first episode of the second season released on April 2nd, 2013.
    • Additionally, the date of release is 4/3/21, fittingly a countdown similar to the intro.
  • This is the first episode that introduced confessionals, a reoccurring segment throughout the season.
  • #inanimateinsanity was trending in the United States on Twitter on the day the episode released.[2]



Inanimate Insanity Invitational (S3)- Ep. 1 - "Stranded in Paradise"