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"I think I finished... about half."

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I have like 1008 channels!

A New Stage In The Game



TV is a recommended character in Inanimate Insanity who first appeared in A New Stage In The Game.


Despite having 1,008 channels, TV is a bit defenceless, as he did nothing to protect himself in the paint gun contest. He might brag a bit, but is not rude in any way shape or form.


TV is a TV monitor with a flat, dark blue screen and a light grey body. He has a stand at the bottom, holding up his "head".


  • He got the least amount of screen time out of all the recommended characters, Ironically, He is in fact a screen.
  • He only has two lines.
  • He is the biggest recommended character.
  • He was able to beat 4 people in the paint gun contest, despite doing absolutely nothing.