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Taco, labeled The Liar, was a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity and a member on Team Chickenleg. She was the main antagonist of the first season and is currently a supporting character and was a major antagonist on Inanimate Insanity II. She is currently voiced by Rheagan Rizio. She got enough votes to compete in Inanimate Insanity Invitational, but didn't make it due to drama involving her.


Taco is a round tan hard-shelled taco filled with tomatoes and lettuce. She also has a pair of arms in her shell she can hide at any time.

As of "Mine Your Own Business", her shell is dented after she was hit by a gemory.


At the start of the series, Taco was known for her silly, goofy, weird, wild, and dumb personality, most notably for shouting random words like "SOURCREAM", making strange faces and spitting lemons. Taco usually appeared completely oblivious to all conflicts and remained motionless with a sideways smile on her face. Overall, Taco is a peculiar character, as she has a self-proclaimed IQ of 7, listed as having mental problems for unknown reasons by Dictionary, and has been said to speak only French, though this is proven false.

Despite her bizarre character, Taco illustrates that she is a fierce and antagonistic competitor throughout many episodes, such as in "A Lemony Lesson", where she instantly wins for her team by spitting up dozens of lemons, and in "Inanimate Smackdown", where she dominates the wrestling challenge. Taco reveals over time many abilities that were previously unknown, such as in "Aquatic Conflict", she casually declares that she has arms, unbeknownst to her friends such as Pickle. She also would occasionally shift into moments of impressive intelligence, such as in "Crappy Anniversary", where she analyzes her percentage of landing in the water, but immediately change back.

This slow shift in Taco's character eventually leads to the grand reveal in "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)", where Taco loses the competition and unravels her true identity in a fit of anger when OJ wins. Taco reveals that she merely played a role and created her stupid persona as part of a plan to gain viewership and not be seen as a threat.

Taco's true identity is vastly different from her outrageous and moronic persona. She is rather intelligent, deceitful, tactful, sensitive, and mischievous, with a hankering for evil. Although her plan to steal the million-dollar prize in Inanimate Insanity was thwarted, she continues to pursue the same prize once again in Inanimate Insanity II.

Initially hiding in the bushes for the first half of the season, Taco remains as a spectator to the competition in order to find an accomplice. Taco eventually narrows her choice on Microphone, a weaker competitor who is struggling to succeed in challenges but tries very hard. After Taco begins tormenting Microphone in "Rain On Your Charade" by reading through her personal diary, she opens up to Microphone to convince her to join sides with her in order to split the million-dollar prize half and a half in exchange for help and advice throughout the rest of the competition.

From here, Taco further exhibits her true personality. She has little regard for genuine morals in order to advance in the competition, such as in "Kick the Bucket" where she instructs Microphone to paralyze Balloon with a view to hinder his ability in the challenge and mentions how she enjoys messing with others, but she is also shown to respect Microphone when she was able to manipulate with Balloon within the rules of the game. Taco is also somewhat egotistical and arrogant, as she views Balloon and Suitcase's conflicts as petty and "adorable."


Taco is known for her unique powers, such as:


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  • Running Gag: Taco has said her trademark line: "SOUR CREAM!" in almost every episode of season 1.
    • So far in season 2, she hasn't said it.
  • Running Gag: Taco has barfed lemons in "A Lemony Lesson", "The Arena of Death", "4Seeing The Future", "Crappy Anniversary", and "Inanimate Smackdown". She lost this ability in "The Great Escape" but shot one last lemon in "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)."
  • Taco's lemon-barfing habit is a reference to Rocky's constant barfing of vomit and other objects from Battle for Dream Island.
  • According to Bomb, Taco can only speak French and some other words, however, she has spoken English a numerous amount of times and has never said a French word, hinting to her being evil. (some how)
  • Taco has been called "useless", when she has actually won challenges in episodes "A Lemony Lesson", "The Arena of Death", "One-Shot Wonder", "4Seeing The Future", "Inanimate Smackdown", and "The Great Escape" (not including when Team Chickenleg won without her help), similar to how Harold from Total Drama was underestimated by his team even though he helped them to win some challenges thanks to his abilities.
  • Taco speaks with a British accent.
  • Taco was originally the smallest character but became the second smallest once Bow joined.
  • Taco is the only character who was thought to be armless but possessed arms all along.
    • She's also the only contestant to have retractable arms.
  • Taco is the only contestant on Inanimate Insanity to be featured in all the episodes of season 1.
    • Taco is also one of few characters to have spoken in almost every episode of season 1, along with MePhone4.
  • She is the highest-ranking female competitor.
  • Taco is the only female in "The Stupid Trailer."
  • Taco and Balloon are tied for being the most hated character on the show by the contestants, having no allies and only making enemies out of everyone.
  • In "The Tile Divide", Taco became the last female contestant after Bow's elimination.
  • Taco is one of the few two original contestants to have never gone to Idiotic Island. The other one is OJ.
  • Taco returned in "Rain On Your Charade", with a brand-new design.
  • Her interaction towards Microphone is pretty similar to that of Chef Hatchet towards DJ in Total Drama Action, as Taco helps Microphone to win the season in exchange for a share of the prize, and the same with Chef Hatchet helping DJ.
    • Coincidentally, both of the aforementioned interactions happened in the second season of their respective shows.
  • Taco, along with Salt, has the second most voice actor changes throughout the whole series, with 4, behind Pepper, with 5.
  • "Mine Your Own Business" marks the first time Taco’s shell has broken.


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