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Tea Kettle, labeled The Tough Mama, is a female contestant in Inanimate Insanity Invitational placed on The Sinkers. She is voiced by Jill Katz.


Tea Kettle is somewhat of a motherly figure to her team, helping during challenges. She's also rather sassy and not afraid to scold her team members for costing them the challenge.

Like Paintbrush, she seems to lose her temper quite easily, such as when somebody doesn't accept one of her gifts. When this happens, she turns red and steam comes from her spout.

Official Site Bio

Tea Kettle knows best! So stand up straight and wipe that schmutz off your face! And don’t question her or you’ll get a mouthful!... sometimes literally... of food! Tea Kettle cares fiercely about her teammates, whom she considers her family. But sometimes TK needs to let off steam if her rowdy family doesn’t listen to her - she’s got quite the temper! So don’t make her blow her lid! Mum’s the word.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2021


Tea Kettle is a large round white teapot with a mint green spout. She also has a mint green lid and handle. Alongside her body is a single red flower marking. Her face appears on her front, with her spout in place of a nose. Tea Kettle is described as "cursed" when facing directly forward, as shown in "Snapshot Showdown".


Stranded in Paradise

Tea Kettle is revealed as one of the "fans" as well as the other new contestants. Tea Kettle is covered with blue paint, meaning she is on the Blue Team, however she is extremely annoyed and complains that she is an antique and that "MePhone4 can't cover her with this shmutz".

After the challenge is announced, Tea Kettle enters the Calm-Down Cabana and complains about being forced to jump off a cliff, but she does appear somewhat glad that Lifering is on her team. Later, she happily grabs onto Balloon and Nickel in order to weigh Balloon down. When the Blue Team to lose the challenge, Tea Kettle angrily blames Lifering for their loss.

During elimination, Tea Kettle continues to blame Lifering for the team's loss, and when Lifering admits that his diving form could have been better, she tells him that the reason for their loss wasn't Lifering's diving form, but the fact that he was unable to sink. Tea Kettle receives zero votes during the elimination, and when Blueberry is eliminated instead of Lifering, she expresses confusion, indicating that she voted for Lifering.

The Shame of the Name

Tea Kettle approaches Nickel and Balloon, offering them some hors d'oeuvres. When they decline, she seems disappointed and walks away, however she comes back soon after to aggressively offer them again. When Nickel becomes angry and declines them again, Tea Kettle begins to lose her temper, turning red and blowing steam out of her spout while yelling at Nickel. Her tantrum is quickly interrupted by The Floor asking if he can have an hors d'oeuvre. Tea Kettle tells The Floor to get lost, and stomps on his face.

When Lifering is about to reveal his idea for a new team name, Tea Kettle urges him to get on with it. However, after he tells the team his idea, she enters the Calm-Down Cabana and states that she dislikes the name, but she decides to act as if she likes it because she could tell Lifering was very proud of the name, and because she feels bad for trying to vote him out last episode. Outside the Calm-Down Cabana, Tea Kettle congratulates Lifering on the name idea, and offers the others her hors d'oeuvres once again, but is interrupted by Nickel.

When Tea Kettle finds out that The Floor spied on her team in order to steal their name idea for their own team, she angrily threatens The Floor. Then, when MePhone4 calls their team name a "cheap ripoff" of The Thinkers' name, she becomes frustrated and throws her tray of hors d'oeuvres onto the ground. The Floor attempts to take some of them for himself, but Tea Kettle threatens him again.


  • According to Tea Kettle, she is an antique teapot.
  • Tea Kettle is the only female contestant on The Sinkers.
  • Tea Kettle was featured on Inanimate Insanity's Mother's Day post.
  • Tea Kettle is voiced by Adam's own mother, fitting for her motherly nature.


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