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"I'm so soft, and cute, aren't I?"

A New Stage In The Game


        Teddy Bear is a recommended character who appeared in "A New Stage In The Game".

She is the runner-up of the paintball contest in "War De Guacamole". She also made a cameo in Everything's A-OJ".


Teddy Bear's previous design features her being a teddy bear, which is obviously bear-shaped. She was caramel-colored, with a red nose and dark brown freckles.

Teddy Bear's new design is more animal-like. She no longer has freckles, but she now has visible fur on the top of her head, and her ears now are cream-colored on the insides. She also gained a cream-colored, oval-shaped marking on her stomach.


Teddy Bear is a mean and an intense bully who is evil and cared greatly about winning the challenge in "War De Guacamole". She acts rashly by insulting others with demeaning names, for example, referring to Magnifying Glass as "Glass-Face".

Teddy also gets easily offended, as shown as when she gets belligerent and aggressive towards Bell when she asks her if she wants to form an alliance. Despite her recklessness, Teddy Bear became tired after several days of shooting paintballs at Apple, who eventually shot back at her, causing her to lose the competition.


  • Even though Teddy Bear is technically animal-like, she still got to be one of the recommended characters in "A New Stage In The Game".
  • Teddy Bear is the only character who has a visible nose-like feature.