Character Scene/Script
Knife Ugh, it's no fun without Paper. (sees Marshmallow) Marshmallow, wanna have some fun?


You bet your marsh I do!
Knife Alright, I bet my marsh that since I'm so strong and you're so small, I can throw you way over there!
Marshmallow No way! (thrown by Knife)
Knife Wait a sec, how do I bet a marsh?
Marshmallow (flies through air, pops Balloon)
(intro plays)
MePhone4 Hey contestants, it's time for your next challenge. Alright, so let me explain the challenge. But wait, where's Nickel?
Nickel (to Announcer) Alright, fine! I didn't even wanna be on your show anyway!
MePhone4 So for this challenge, I thought we'd do something very unique, and what's more unique than an Arena of Death?
OJ I agree. Panda bears!
Lightbulb Well, I mean, that is true.

Stop interrupting me! Anyway, for this challenge-in the Arena of Death-four contestants on each team will stand on top of these eight platforms, and you must try to knock off the other team's contestants with rocks. (contestants gasp) You have a large bucket full of rocks, so you shouldn't run out. The first team to have all of their contestants knocked off the platform will face elimination. (shows computer) The computer will generate four lucky contestants for each team to participate. Oh yeah, and because the team captains are so awesome...

Lightbulb Yeah?
MePhone4 ... they will not be participating.
Lightbulb Aw!
MePhone4 For Team Epic, it's.... (computer shows NickelBaseball, Knife, and Paintbrush) and for Team Chickenleg , it's... (computer shows OJ, SaltPepper, and Taco) That's everyone, so let's go! Alright, let the rock pelting begin!
Knife Ok Epics, here's an idea: if we all throw at one person, they won't be able to dodge all those rocks. Let's go for that pathetic Taco first.
(they throw rocks at Taco, Taco eats rocks and spits them back)
Baseball Oh no, they're coming straight for us! What do we do!?
Nickel Do what you were born to do, use your legs and jump! (they jump over rocks)
Knife (is hit by a rock)
Paintbrush Amazing dodging skills, go! (rock coming towards them doesn't hit, stops in mid-air)
Baseball Thanks a lot, Knife, for that horrible strategy!
Nickel Hey, watch this Baseball! (kicks rock, curves around and hits Pepper from behind)
Salt Oh my god! I'll save you Pepper! (jumps off platform)
Nickel Haha!
OJ Grr! I'll show you who to mess with! (throws rock at Nickel)
Paintbrush Nickel, look out! (jumps in front of Nickel, slow-motino) Nooooooo! (rock knocks both off)
Baseball Oh crap! I'm the only one still here?! This sucks! (kicks rock, it shatters OJ) Well well, it looks like it's just me and Taco. Any last words?
MePhone4 Nice choice of words!
Baseball Well, here goes! (jumps and tries to kick Taco off platform, she spits lemon at him, he falls)
MePhone4 Team Chickenleg wins again! And Team Really-Not-So-Epic will face elimination AGAIN.
Lightbulb Oooh, do we get cookies again?
MePhone4 Well, I was going to, but now that you asked, no.
Lightbulb Aww!
MePhone4 Welcome back guys, and check out are new redesigned elimination area.
Nickel Eh, it's okay I guess.
MePhone4 Team Epic, because of Taco's amazing rock pelting skills, you guys lost again. You guys are voting which contestants will leave the game. This time, I made cookies, but Lightbulb opened his fat lips so instead, I'm giving you pencils. If you don't get a pencil, you will be eliminated.
Nickel What? No cookies this time? Pencils are stupid!
Pencil OMG! That was, like, mean! Jerk! (gets punched by Fist Thingy after small pause)
MePhone4 Moving on, if you are eliminated, our giant boxing glove will punch you in full speed and you'll go flying off teh show. I know. Now, let's get the elimination. Lightbulb, you didn't do anything good, but you got zero votes, so you are safe.
Lightbulb Did nothing. That's so not true. I, like, watched.
MePhone4 Whatever. Here's your pencil. (throws pencil to Lightbulb, she shatters) Also with zero votes are Paintbrush and Nickel. (throws pencils at them) So, we're down to three contestants: Marshmallow, Knife, and Baseball. Marshmallow, once again, you are safe. (gives her pencil) So Baseball and Knife, one of you will be eliminated, and that person happens to be.... Baseball! Baseball, it's time to say goodbye.
Baseball Uh okay. Goodbye! (Fist Thingy punches him)
MePhone4 Later Double B! Stay tuned for another episode of Inanimate Insanity, coming July 1st. (2011)
Balloon Hey guys, I'm finally alive! (Pencil pops him)
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