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Watch where you step, mate.

Stranded in Paradise

The Floor, labeled The Down Under, is a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity Invitational placed on the The Thinkers. He is voiced by Samuel Thornbury.


The Floor is simply a face that appears on the ground.


The Floor is quite cheerful and a generally good-humored person. He enjoys eavesdropping on others' conversations and occasionally offering his own commentary. However, he has shown to be angered if stepped on, specifically his face, as he scolded OJ for unknowingly stepping on him in "Stranded in Paradise". The Floor is forthright when voicing his opinions or concerns, and often will scare others by shouting erratically to be heard from below them. He can, however, forget important details long after they're relevant.

Official Site Bio

He’s here! He’s there! The Floor is everywhere! Appearing anywhere on the ground, The Floor can essentially teleport in an instant. He’s an unnervingly great eavesdropper since you never know where he could be! Because of The Floor’s powerful abilities, many are intimidated by him… but he only wants to be your bud! He’s a very humble and down-to-earth guy! Just watch where you step, mate.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2021


The Floor has the following abilities:

  • Grounded Teleportation: The Floor has the ability to transfer himself to different parts of the ground, such as from the top of a cliff to the ground below.


  • The "The" is part of The Floor's name and is capitalized.[1]
  • Depending on the situation, The Floor can be the largest and widest contestant.
  • Thus far, The Floor has been shown to be a part of grass, sand, and wooden flooring of the Calm-Down Corner.
    • This means that The Floor can occupy man-made flooring, and not just natural terrain.
  • The Floor's coloring depends entirely on what ground he is occupying, as he is typically green when on the grass, but can be tan when on the sand.
  • The Floor is the second contestant to have an Australian accent.


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