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The Island Of Misfit Objects is a parody of The Island Of Misfit Toys from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer that plays during the credits of The Snowdown. The eliminated contestants all sing about how that they are misfits since they are the opposite or do the opposite of what they as objects are supposed to be or do.



All: We’re on the Island of Misfit Objects
Here we don’t want to stay
We want to compete in the challenges
And get a million dollar payday!
Pepper: A cage full of objects
Means a cage full of rejects
That all messed up something...
Knife: That are forever our regrets!
Nickel: Even when Christmas Day draws near
We’ll all still be trapped in here.
Baseball and Paper: Objects galooooore
Baseball: Scattered on the dirty flooooooor
There will continue to be... Baseball and Pepper: moooooore
And it’s all because of... All: ...MePhone4!


Paper: How would you like to be a paper that got torn apart?
Baseball: Or a baseball that struck out?
Nickel: Or a nickel that’s so worthless people don’t even know how to spell his name?!
Paper, Baseball, and Nickel: We’re all misfits!
Knife: How would you like to be a knife that wasn’t sharp enough?
Balloon: O- *pops*
Knife: (peeking into frame and reading from paper to fill in) Or a balloon that pops way too much?
Pepper: Or a pepper shaker that shook up the game too much?
Lightbulb: *shatters*
Knife and Pepper: We’re all misfits!


Paper: If we’re on the Island of Unwanted Objects
Knife: We’ll miss all the fun with the high-risk challenges
Paper: Even when Christmas Day draws near
Knife: We’ll still be, we’ll still be, we’ll still be, we’ll still be, we’ll all still be trapped in here... All: UNLESS YOU PICK ME!


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