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The Pinkers
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The Pinkers

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The Pinkers (formerly Pink Team) is one of the three opposing teams in Inanimate Insanity Invitational, facing against The Sinkers and The Thinkers. It was formed in "Stranded in Paradise". They have won two challenges, and five of the contestants are still competing. In "The Shame of the Name", the name was changed from Pink Team to The Pinkers.

The team consists of Bow, Cabby, Clover, Fan, Goo, and Test Tube.

The Pinkers

Current Members

Former Members

Challenge Activity

Episode Win/Lose Strategy
Stranded in Paradise Win (2nd) Clover "tried" out Lifering's diving form, luckily falling into the pipe. Later on, Fan asked Cabby if the team could "take the cab"; leading them to get inside Cabby, who'd later run to the cliff and fall into the pipe, leading her team to victory.
The Shame of the Name Lose Little-to-no progress was done by the teammates in the challenge, just having thought of working with the color pink. At the last moment, Bow improvised the name "The Pinkers", leading her team to defeat due to it being the worst name.
Snapshot Showdown Win (1st) Cabby arranged her team and gave each member individual targets to go after. Eventually, Bow, who was the only one from her team awake by a very late night, took a picture of Tea Kettle from the front view, leading The Sinkers to defeat. They won thanks to The Thinkers submitting a photo of Goo singing while surrounded by pinecones.


  • This is the only team that has their male to female ratio simplified (1:2).
  • Goo is the only remaining male.
  • The Pinkers is the team with the most members having a different system for walking. As Cabby rolls and Goo slithers.