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The Thinkers
The Thinkers

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The Thinkers (formerly Yellow Team) is one of the three teams in Inanimate Insanity Invitational, facing against The Pinkers and The Sinkers. It was formed in "Stranded in Paradise". They have won all challenges, and all of the contestants are still competing so far. In "The Shame of the Name", the name was changed from Yellow Team to The Thinkers.

The team consists of Candle, The Floor, OJ, Paintbrush, Silver Spoon, and Yin-Yang.


  • The team is so far the best-performing team as of Snapshot Showdown, as they haven't been up for elimination yet.
  • It is also the second yellow team, the first being The Bright Lights.
  • Candle is the only female in the team.
  • This is the only team which every member's name starts with a different letter.

The Thinkers

Current Members


Challenge Activity

Episode Win/Lose Strategy
Stranded in Paradise Win (1st) Yin-Yang kicked OJ and Paintbrush into the pipe before jumping in it himself, proceeded by Candle taking Silver Spoon's hand and jumping into the pipe. Later, The Floor transfers himself to the finish line, winning the challenge for his team.
The Shame of the Name Win (1st) Candle encouraged her team to link their minds with each other and think together as one mind. As the word "Think" echoed through their minds, they came up with the name "The Thinkers".
Snapshot Showdown Win (2nd) The Floor unwillingly snooped on Tea Kettle on the confessional. Paintbrush negotiated a "truce" with everyone else, impeding them from sleeping until 5:00 AM until everyone passed out of sheer boredom. Later, Candle took and submitted a picture of Goo singing while surrounded by pinecones; having won only because of Tea Kettle's photo.