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Sorry, it's my condiShAWn...

Breaking The Ice

  Tissues, labeled The Sickness, is a male contestant in Inanimate Insanity II. He is placed on Team Bright Lights. He is voiced by Taylor Grodin.


The most obvious thing about Tissues is that he is very sickly. Since his debut on the show, he has become infected with a contagious disease known as the "condiShAWn". This condiShAWn allegedly has a lot of symptoms, which Tissues lists in The Issues with Tissues. These include "muscle spasms, triple migraines, violent nausea, uncontrollable heat waves, toothaches, vertigo, vertistop, vanishing fingerprints, temporary blindness." Only some of these exist in real-life; it's not clear if these are all real symptoms or not.

Regardless, is obvious that his condiShAWn makes him prone to sneezing. His sneezes are sometimes powerful enough to launch him into the air, and are uncontrollable; he tends to sneeze on other characters a lot. Although he's apologetic about this, plenty of characters are quick to call him disgusting. These sneezes are so big because a lot of his energy is concentrated in them, which explains why he is so lethargic and easily tired. This is shown when Tissues says he's exhausted before the dodgeball competition in Breaking the Ice.

Although his condiShAWn affects many aspects of his life, it is not all there is to him. Tissues still tries to be outgoing, like when he asks to form an alliance with Trophy. Tissues sometimes fails to understand jokes and slang, as he acknowledges how strange Trophy's middle name, "Horseplay", was despite it merely being an idiom.

In The Issues with Tissues, he is also shown to be somewhat difficult, as he goes out of his way to give Fan a hard time with his show (like when he refuses to talk about his condiShAWn). Despite this, he seems to enjoy talking about his condiShAWn. Tissues is also shown to have a slightly inflated sense of his own importance, like when he says that the audience doesn't need to watch any more Fan's Fantastic Features because his episode is the best.


Tissues is a rectangular turquoise box with a tuft of tissue paper sprouting from a slit at the top. His face appears on one of the longer sides. Tissues' arms are on either of the short sides, and his legs appear at the bottom. Occasionally, Tissues may leak mucus from an invisible nose above his mouth.

Official Site Bio

Something is terribly wrong with Tissues. Right from the start, Tissues has been severely ill with his condiShAWn, causing him to rapidly sneeze uncontrollably. This has lead him to be sadly neglected from the rest of the cast

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2013

Ever had a sick day? Welcome to Tissues’ entire life! Despite that Tissues wants to participate in challenges, he is halted at every turn by his infamous and self-described “condiShAWn.” While it may only render him fatigued, don’t underestimate how dangerous and life-threatening his contagion can be! Even with his limitations, Tissues always makes an effort to be social and put himself out there. Unfortunately, no matter how apologetic he is about his unhealthy state, it’s best to approach him with great caution.​

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2018

Vote Status

Episode EP # Votes Total Votes Percentage
"Marsh on Mars" 2 700 2498 28.08%
Total Number of Votes: 700


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  • Tissues has sneezed on Trophy, Soap, Apple, Cherries, Box, Yin-Yang, OJ, and MePhone4.
    • Although Tissues has sneezed on Apple the most on-screen, it is assumed that Tissues has sneezed on Trophy the most, as Trophy mentions in "Everything's A-OJ" that he was sneezed on "every single day, multiple times" while in OJ's closet.
  • Until Inanimate Insanity Invitational, Tissues was the only contestant whose color was close to blue.
  • As stated in the Inanimate Insanity Secrets video, Tissues is actually based off of someone Adam and Taylor knew. However, the person remains anonymous.
  • In The Issues with Tissues, Tissues states that he does not have a favorite color, but hates the color green.
  • As shown in "Everything's A-OJ", Tissues' condishawn can become contagious, as after he sneezes on MePhone4, he consequently becomes infected and very sick the following episode.
    • It is unclear how Tissues himself got the condishawn, as the website says he's had it since he could remember.
    • However, the condishawn does not infect everyone Tissues sneezes on, as no other characters have shown to be infected on-screen.
  • Tissues is the only character to display an illness, besides OJ feeling sick when he had no orange juice.
  • Tissues is revealed to live at Hotel OJ with Trophy being his roommate according to the Official Website.
  • In Seas the Day, it is revealed that Tissues sometimes carries around a gallon of water to stay hydrated for his condishawn.
  • Tissues was the first contestant to be eliminated from Inanimate Insanity II.
    • This makes him the lowest ranking male, contestant with all limbs, contestant competing in Inanimate Insanity II, and in the overall series, as no other contestant has ranked in 20th place or lower.


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