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I now realize why we were put together: So we could balance each other out!

"Tri Your Best"
Season 2, Episode 3
Tri Your Best!.jpg
Challenge Triathlon (Swimming, Cycling and Running)
Winner(s) The Bright Lights
Eliminated Cherries (974 votes)
Original airdate June 25, 2013
Episode chronology
"Marsh on Mars"
"Cooking for the Grater Good"

"Tri Your Best" is the third episode of the second season of Inanimate Insanity II, which aired on June 25, 2013. It is the 21st episode overall in Inanimate Insanity.


After Yin-Yang experiences a life-changing event which splits them, one of the Bright Lights faces the second elimination of the season! During the athletic trio-tournament challenge of this episode, we are going all out with the "threes." With the good and bad in this world kept intact, what would happen to our favorite object friends if these good and bad elements were out of each other's reach?




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The episode begins with Yin-Yang talking to himself about his own thirst. Yin then notices a soda-machine that sells water and Dr. Fizz close by, making Yang strive for a can of the latter. Yin disagrees, explaining that the two must keep their body pure with water, which Yang says makes Yin a loser. Eventually, the two argue about what they want, pressing the two buttons numerous times, causing a vacuum to suck the arguing Yin-Yang out of sight.

The shot changes to inside a laboratory, where Test Tube is studying through a microscope, when Yin-Yang suddenly travels down the transportation tube and pops into the laboratory. Test Tube is astounded that Yin-Yang has discovered her lab, and justifies the "Science Rules" to him. Immediately, Yang begins breaking the first rule, "Don't touch anything", by reaching for and poking an electrical tube. As Test Tube panics, Yin explains that if he was not attached to Yang, he would do nothing wrong, prompting Yang to call Yin a loser again. Test Tube then showcases her newest experiment; Experiment 626, created exactly for the reason to separate Yin-Yang, so they would not argue anymore for the benefit of The Bright Lights. There are also more experiments, like the Bowinator, tuh tuh teh, the super blast 6000, and a few more without names.

After moments of arguing between the two, Test Tube shoves the experiment into the mouth of Yin-Yang, causing him to float into the air, begin glowing, and eventually split in two. As Test Tube happily succeeded her experiment, the newly separated Yang runs over and smashes the electrical tube he touched earlier, and then smashed through the roof.

Later, the scene changes to Knife and Trophy, who is sitting on a lawn chair, saying that he dropped his protein milkshake, and tells Knife to go make another one. As Knife attempts to disobey the command, Trophy quickly takes out the previously taken photograph, therefore causing Knife to give in, yet again. He is seen moments later blending the milkshake while MePhone4 begins the elimination but is halted by MePhone for being obnoxious.

Voting Results

The results of the Bright Lights' elimination in this episode were as follows:

Portrait Contestant Name # Of Votes % of Votes Changes from Last time Total Votes
Marshmallow 81 2.68%

81 Fewer than last time

%: 50.0% Fewer than last time

Test Tube 119 3.93%

31 Fewer than last time

%: 2.07% Fewer than last time

Apple 134 4.43%

420 Fewer than last time

%: 17.75% Fewer than last time

Paintbrush 172 5.69%

84 More than last time

%: 2.12% More than last time

Lightbulb 278 7.51%

156 More than last time

%: 4.32% More than last time

Fan 385 12.74%

246 More than last time

%: 7.18% More than last time

Yin-Yang(Only Yin was present at the time) 878 29.06%

479 More than last time

%: 13.09% More than last time

Cherries 974 32.24%

790 More than last time

%: 24.88% More than last time

Total 3021 98.28% (due to rounding)

524 More than last time

%: 17.39% More than last time

As the elimination began, Paintbrush calls to attention the absence of Test Tube and Yin-Yang. The two (T enter seconds later, as Apple notes Yin-Yang's new appearance. Yin reveals the previous separation, in which MePad is impressed with, but also revealing that Yang had run away. MePhone disregards this, and continues with the elimination, firstly revealing the prizes as sticks. Marshmallow, Apple, and Test Tube receive their sticks, while Apple gives her stick to Marshmallow as a present. Paintbrush, Lightbulb, and Fan are also called safe, while Lightbulb decides to eat her stick, explaining that she would have to deal with it not being as "spectacular" as oatmeal raisin. Cherries and Yin-Yang (or rather, Yin), are shown as the bottom two, as MePhone makes the connection between the good relationship between Cherries, and the bad relationship between Yin-Yang. MePad reveals the votes, and Cherries is eliminated.

Before Cherries' exeunt, he reveals that he was the one who sent Marshmallow to Mars in the previous episode. He explains that he was upset that they didn't like his jokes, and apologized to the voiceless Box. Cherries then begins to make a final statement, when Yang suddenly flies into the screen and knocks Cherries into the Rejection Portal. Yin says Yang can go, as they are no longer attached, and Yang agrees, but not before he says he will kill everyone, including Yin. Toilet is oblivious to the threat Yang presents.

Challenge Rundown

MePhone4 then previews the next challenge like a triathlon, although Apple questions this as well. He then explains that the team captains, Lightbulb and Baseball, will not compete, causing Lightbulb to begin acting hopeless while unfolding a lawn chair and falling into it wearing sunglasses, Baseball doing that too.

Challenge Breakdown

Triathalon Teams
The Bright Lights vs The Grand Slams


(Split up)
Yes Successful? No
Sat Out

Nickel then takes the initiative, choosing Soap as the first competitor due to her being "useless" in his eyes. He then goes for Trophy, who passes this onto Knife, threatening him to compete with the picture. Suitcase suggests Balloon, who disagrees himself, saying he was too slow. Microphone then begins to inhale but is stopped by Nickel, who quickly allows her to compete.

Paintbrush then confronts the relaxing Lightbulb, telling her to pick three people. Lightbulb aimlessly chooses Yin-Yang, along with Test Tube, and Fan, with whom she confuses with Paper (as Fan is made of paper)Fan is made of paper).

The challenge then begins as Test Tube (complete with a cork), jumps into the pool, leaving Soap nervously behind. She is then pressured and kicked into the pool by Nickel, explaining it was clean, when Test Tube reverts this, explaining the several types of bacteria in the pool, further horrifying Soap. Toilet happily asks MePhone4 if he is in need of any assistance, while accidentally spilling toilet water on him, and being later kicked into the pool. While in the pool, Toilet's water begins to spread, causing Soap to literally zip out of the pool.

MePhone4 then tells Toilet to leave the pool and fetch some green wires. Toilet then does so, but accidentally knocks Box into the pool, causing Balloon to attempt saving him, but only to his failure. Test Tube finally exits the pool and passes onto Yin and Yang. The two both ride the bike, with Yang at the wheel. Soap then exits the pool and passes onto Knife. As Knife catches up to Yin and Yang and passes them briefly, Yang picks up Yin and throws him at Knife, knocking him off and breaking his leg. 

The shot then changes to Box, who is still underwater. A newly introduced Life-Ring then jumps into the pool to Box's safety, causing Cheesy to crack another joke with his round shape. While Knife slowly crawls to Microphone, Yang makes it to Fan and shouts at him to run. Microphone then notices Knife and shouts if he is okay, only hurting him more, and being yelled at to run. Fan realizes that Microphone is catching up, (jotting this down in a blog post) when Fan gets the idea for Microphone to scream, sending him up into the air, where he fully opens, and glides across the finish line, causing the Bright Lights to receive their first win.

After Nickel scowls Microphone for her shouting, Trophy begins to sadly realize what his blackmailing has caused, only to deceive Knife, and continue on with it anyways. Yin then confronts Yang, and yells at him for his reckless behavior, when Yang begins to shout at Yin (saying that now that they are no longer connected, he will kill everybody), and later uppercut Marshmallow. Yin then comes to realize his reasoning for being attached to Yang (so that they could balance each other, and so Yin could control Yang's unbridled rage) and convinces Test Tube to give them the antidote despite them hating each other. Yin does so willingly, but Yang is about to not do it, but Knife attacks him and forces him to drink the solution for hurting his leg. The two are then morphed back together, causing Test Tube to yell out about her laboratory, but recall those moments later.

Lightbulb is also shown in the ending scene, still on her lawn chair with her sunglasses. She then begins talking to the viewers, saying how "rebellious" she was for staying up past her 7:46 PM bedtime, only to then fold up her chair, and walk off-screen.



Bright Lights

Grand Slams






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==YoungArts 2014==xcxxx A shorter version of v epwccvccvcisode was shown at YounxxgArtcxs 2014. There's whxccat happened, as follows. sxccdA cartoon TDI-esque Adacm is ixz a guitar plays, says "Hi there! My name is Adam Katz, and I'm from Woodbury, New York. Today, I'd like tcvvo show you my xx called, Inaninmate Insafnitfffy! I hope you enjoy!" Then it goes to the episode.xcx

The Differences

  • The intro plays beefore the scene where Yin-Yang is at the soda machine.
  • Half of the intro playshbb after Yang breaks out of Test cdvvTube's Laboratory.
  • The Lifghvbkyoihle-Ring's voice is deeper.
  • Many scenes weftytrte cut out.
  • For Life-Ring, the acvyvuhjvygtor is Adam Katz insyvoyhtead of Anant Sriram.
  • Baseball does not appear at abbiubll, except in the title screen.


  • Yin-Yang argue over a soda called Dr. Fizz which is a reference to the soda Dr. Pepper.
  • Lightbulb says "Oh Snap", which is a reference to That's So Raven, where the titular character usually says it. 
  • Test Tube calls one of her experiments "Experiment 626", which is a reference to "Lilo & Stitch".
  • While flying near the end of the episode, Fan comments, "Not today!" in the same way Buzz Lightyear declares while fly- er, "falling with style" near the end of the original Toy Story.
  • MePhone4 makes a reference to the previous episode The Arena Of Death when explaining that the team captains could not compete, complete with him and Lightbulb re-stating the same exact worded lines.
    • These are both the third episode of the season they come from, just as every Season 2 episode has referenced the Season 1 episode of the same number.
  • Several references are made within the experiments of Test Tube's laboratory including:
    • The Poltergust 3000 from Luigi's Mansion.
    • The "Bowinator", referencing to the previous character, Bow, as well as from Phineas and Ferb.
    • Speaking of Phineas and Ferb, a small version of Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Magnetism Magnifier, his invention from the first episode of the series, is present.
    • A case of plutonium from Back to the Future.
  • Test Tube uses a cork while swimming, similar to OJ in Season 1.
  • Baseball and Lightbulb's glasses are very similar to Rainbow Dash's glasses. 


  • This is the most viewed Inanimate Insanity episode on YouTube, with over 5 million views.
  • New assets are used in this episode:
    • Knife's broken leg
    • "L" mouth
    • Lifering's body
    • Yang's white mouths
    • Yang's red eyes
  • Cherries is eliminated with 974 votes, the fifth-most out of any object show in existence, and the fourth-most out of any Inanimate Insanity contestant.
  • Test Tube's laboratory includes the following rules:
    • 1. Don't touch anything! (mentioned)
    • 2. Don't drink substances that are neon colors!
    • 3. Catch-phrases don't make one "cool."
    • 4. Don't lick the counters without a license.
  • A shorter variant of this episode was presented at YoungArts 2014. See the YoungArts 2014 section for more details.
  • This is the first episode of season 2 where Baseball doesn't have a speaking role.
  • There is going to be a remake of this episode where it only focuses on the Yin-Yang story. It is appearing in All American High School Film Festival in Times Square, New York first.
  • Even if Balloon did get in the water he would still fail to save Box because he would float on top of it due to being filled with air.
  • Knife is the only male to compete in the Triathlon on the Grand Slams.
    • Coincidentally, Test Tube is the only female to compete on the Bright Lights.
  • It is commonly nicknamed "The Yin-Yang Episode" by fans, due to the large focus on him.
  • Knife is the only contestant from season 1 to compete in the Triathlon.
  • Yang was originally going to kill Apple in the scene where MePhone explains the contest, but the scene was redacted in the final episode. The link to the scene can be found here.


  • The electrical tube in Test Tube's laboratory randomly switches from the left and right of the bookshelf of experiments.
  • Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 18.31.59.png
    When Test Tube feeds Yin-Yang the Experiment 626, Yin-Yang's lips is behind the potion.
  • MePhone4 insults Apple for not knowing what "Triathalon" means. In the next scene, an entirely new group of people is in front of MePhone4. 
  • When Test Tube passes on to Yin-Yang, her cork suddenly vanishes.
  • Knife's broken leg switches between his left and right when talking to Microphone and when confronting Yang.
  • When Box sits on the side of the pool after the rescue, the perspective is incorrect
  • On MePad's screen, the liquid of Test Tube's icon disappears and appears again.
  • When Test Tube gets out of the water, the cork is in front of her.
  • Knife's leg is not crooked until he gets his hands off of it.
  • When Yin-Yang were separated Yang's mouth is missing (the reason should be a thing of his dark body but in some shots to see his same mouth shut).


  • In a deleted scene, Apple is ripped in half by Yang.



Inanimate Insanity II - Episode 3 "Tri Your Best!"