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Horseplay is my middle name.

Breaking The Ice

Trophy, labeled The Jock, is a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity II. He is placed on The Grand Slams. He is voiced by Justin Napolitano.


Trophy is notorious for being a brutal jock. Arrogant and aggressive, Trophy is highly competitive and athletic, with a progressive aim to win challenges and beat others. His behavior can become mischievous and crude in order to gain victory, such as blackmailing others to do things for him.

Trophy commonly acts cruelly to others to his own entertainment, especially weaker competitors. This behavior is first seen in "Breaking The Ice", where Trophy promptly kicks Tissues off the iceberg after asking to make an alliance. On the contrary, Trophy respects stronger competitors, such as Knife, and even attempts to befriend him, only to later blackmail him into catering to his needs or he would reveal Knife's surprising appreciation for Dora Dolls.

Trophy is genuinely a closed-minded and incompetent individual who treats other competitors harshly, notably those who are smarter than him, as seen in "Marsh on Mars" when he scorns Baseball and calls him a nerd for explaining the perspective of the rocket, and calls Fan "pathetic" for taking care of the egg he mistook for Marshmallow.

Additionally, Trophy finds joy in putting others to shame and making a mockery out of them, but doesn't enjoy if he is put to shame instead and being made a fool, as in "Cooking for the Grater Good", Trophy becomes frustrated when Knife isn't shamed in front of others for revealing his enjoyment in his Dora Doll, and instead, he was proven wrong with Baseball and Apple saying that they don't care, making the rest of the contestants not care either.

However, there is a soft side to Trophy. In the Inanimate Insanity shorts, he is less of a bully. He also reveals that he has an interest in photography. This side to Trophy is best demonstrated in ‘Waffling About’ where Trophy doesn’t try harming Nickel’s sarcastic side. He even surrenders and admits that he lacks much intelligence.


Trophy has a body of gold and a rather hourglass figure, with a large defined head, thin waist, and wide bottom. His face is located on his head, his arms are on either side of his waist, and his legs at his bottom. His head is hollow with a circular hole at the top of his head. On either side of his head are two handles that extend from his top to his middle. He has three darker stripes, one above and below his middle, and one at his bottom.


Official Site Bio

Trophy is all about being sporty and excelling in any physical challenge. He's a huge jock and appreciates Knife's physical abilities as well. He tends to be very hateful and rude towards people who aren't as strong or competitive as him.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2013

If there was an award for “most competitive,” it’d probably be Trophy... literally. Although he claims to be a sports-loving jock, Trophy isn’t as physically active as you might expect. Instead, Trophy spends most of his time trying to make other contestants do the hard work for him as he sips on his protein shake. He manipulates in the present so he can be lazy in the future! All in all, while he’s not actually much of an athlete, Trophy’s powers of deception make him a more calculating and controlling player than he appears.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2018


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Click here to view the coverage of Trophy.

Voice Actors

Vote Status

Episode EP # Votes
"Cooking for the Grater Good" 4 1,945 votes (Eliminated)
Total: 1,945 votes


  • Trophy is the first golden-colored contestant to compete on Inanimate Insanity II.
  • Trophy is the first Grand Slam to be eliminated.
    • Coincidentally, he was also the first Inanimate Insanity II contestant to be eliminated with over 1,000 votes.
  • Trophy is the only contestant confirmed to have a middle name: Horseplay. However, it's a nickname he gave himself to get pumped for the competition.
  • Trophy originally was the only contestant to have no outlines.
    • However, he gained an outline with an updated design.
    • Trophy's old design was in the II season 1 finale and in the old II Bodies.
  • As revealed on the new Inanimate Insanity Site, he is currently roommates with Tissues in Hotel OJ.
    • Also revealed on the site was that he has developed a talent for photography, and often looks for subjects and scenery to photograph around the island.
  • As revealed on the Inanimate Insanity Secrets Video, Trophy had an beta asset.
  • Trophy, along with Nickel and Tissues, are the only season 2 contestants to not appear in a season 2 thumbnail.


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