This is the complete list of all voice actors in Inanimate Insanity, in alphabetical order of the character they voiced.


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Bold = This is the character's current voice actor.

Italics = This voice actor has been replaced or fired.


  • Of all the characters, Adam Katz has voiced the most at 10.
  • Taylor Grodin voices the second most characters at 6. Although he originally only voiced one.
  • The original voice actors for Balloon, Marshmallow, Paintbrush, Pepper, and Salt have all been replaced.
    • Nate Groth was fired in the first season, therefore his lines were re-used to give Balloon his voice. He returned in Season 2, but was replaced again by Ben Cross.
  • Brian Koch did the recap at the beginning of nearly every Season 1 episode.
  • OJ, MePhone4, Pickle and Adam are the only characters who's voice is not distorted or changed to create their final voices, as their voices are the actual voices of the voice actors.
  • Of all the characters, Pepper has had the most voice actors, at 5
  • Adam and Justin were the only two people to have more than one voice role when the series first started.
  • Justin Chapman is the only voice actor who has continued to voice the same two characters throughout the entire series without voicing any new characters.
  • On occasion, Adam will voice a character when the voice actor has not sent in the line.
  • Derek, Justin, Taylor, Brian and Adam are the only voice actors to show their face.
  • It's revealed that Mark Katz, the voice for MePhone4, is Adam Katz's father. And Jill Katz, the voice actor for MePhone5C, is his mother.