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If I was not attached to Yang, I wouldn't do anything wrong! That's because you're a LOSER!!!

Tri Your Best

Yin-Yang, labeled The Quarrel, is a male recommended character, created and voiced by Marco Bonomo (BFDIdubita23), a contestant in Inanimate Insanity II, who was a member put on The Bright Lights. They currently compete on Inanimate Insanity Invitational as a member of The Thinkers.


Yin-Yang is the amalgamation of two characters: Yin and Yang. The two halves have vastly different personalities that contradict each other. They share one body and are in constant disputes, even over simple tasks, such as what direction to walk or what to drink.

Yin, the white half, is good-hearted, kind, honorable, and rational, whose intent is to balance out Yang, who is massively profane, malicious, and immoral. While Yin is happy to participate in challenges and actively tries to help out, Yang despises participation and typically enjoys the misfortune of other characters, and will lash out and attempt to harm others, including Yin.

This difference in character makes Yin-Yang's participation and handiness quite limited, sparking many enemies with others. Because they are attached, Yang doesn't get away with doing bad things as Yin can easily stop him.

When separated by Test Tube's experiment, Experiment 626, the balance between Yin and Yang got broken, causing Yang to become too chaotic, shambolic, destructive, and vicious on his own by breaking things and attacking characters. Though Yin was initially happy with the separation, he realized that his compassion was useless and concluded that fusing back together into Yin-Yang is the only way to stop Yang's violence.

In Inanimate Insanity Invitational, Yang has become less chaotic, although he still retains his disagreeable traits. It also appears Yin is more annoyed by Yang and doesn't really try to fight him that much anymore. Yin and Yang have calmed down since Inanimate Insanity 2 but they still disagree a lot.


As his name suggests, Yin-Yang is one of the symbols used in the Tao religion. He appears as a circular object split into black and white by a wave-like division. In Inanimate Insanity II, the white half, Yin, is on his lower left-hand side, while the black half, Yang, is on his upper right-hand side. Yin-Yang's mouth is on his white half, along with Yin's black eye, as the other white eye is on Yang's black half. He has two arms and two legs, which both sides can control at their own will. In Inanimate Comics, Yin is on the left side, and Yang is on the right side, more like the Yin-Yang symbol or taijitu in real life, which makes his body rotated about 90 degrees clockwise from his design in the show.

Official Site Bio

Yin-Yang has two personalities! The white half, Yin, is a very reasonable individual who thinks things through before he takes actions, and doesn't want to argue or fight with anyone, The black half, Yang, likes to cause trouble and havoc no matter what the consequences are. Because they are connected, they argue with themselves.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2013

Yin and Yang are two halves of a whole that are opposites, combined into one body. The result, as one can imagine, is quite chaotic. While Yin is kind and tolerant, Yang is passionate and brutal, but the situation may not be as black and white as it appears. Yin and Yang are combined to naturally balance each other, forming Yin-Yang. When together, the two are constantly arguing about everything from game strategy to their hydration. When apart, more than merely "arguing" will ensue… so separating the two is highly regarded as a bad idea.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2018


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Vote Status

Episode EP # Votes
"Marsh on Mars" 2 399 votes
"Tri Your Best" 3 878 votes
"Let Er' R.I.P." 6 1859 votes (Eliminated)
Total: 3136 votes


  • "Yin" is the black half, and "Yang" is the white half in Chinese philosophy.
    • As Marco Bonomo created the character Yin-Yang, he listed "Yin" as the white half, and "Yang" as the black half, causing a mix-up. Regardless, the white side is still good, whereas the black side is still evil.
  • Yin-Yang's dual personalities draw similarities to Paper as one is good, and the other is evil.
    • However, Yin and Yang are two individuals, whereas Paper's evil alternate is purely psychological.
  • Yin-Yang speaks with an Italian accent due to Marco Bonomo hailing from Italy, which makes Yin-Yang the only contestant voiced by a European voice actor.
  • Yin-Yang is the only character who isn't a specific object and instead a symbol used in the Tao religion. As a result, what he is made of is unknown.
  • Yin-Yang is the only contestant on Inanimate Insanity with black coloring, which includes white-colored eyes compared to 8-Ball, a black-colored recommended character.
  • Although Yin-Yang ate The Bright Lights' original pizza, Yang claims to be gluten-free.
  • Yin-Yang is the first and only season-two contestant to appear in Enanimat Ensanetay.
  • Because Box can't talk, Yin-Yang is the last season-two contestant to speak in "Breaking the Ice."
  • Yin-Yang is the first recommended character to join season two and the second recommended character to join the show, the first being Apple.
  • Yin-Yang is the first eliminated contestant to have his official description revised.
  • The Cherries and Yin-Yang are roommates together at Hotel OJ according to the Inanimate Insanity website.


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